What Foods Clear Uric Acid?

You can lessen the symptoms of gout and lower your uric acid levels by including specific foods in your diet. However, the best course of action is to generally switch to a healthy eating pattern that is low in animal products with high purine content and sugary drinks. Steer clear of high-fructose corn syrup, red meat, organ meats (such as liver and kidneys), and sugary drinks (such as fruit juice and soda). Rather, incorporate meals low in purines, such as fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy.


Apples are a fantastic food option for gout sufferers because they contain malic acid, which lowers blood levels of uric acid. They also include a lot of fiber, which helps the body get rid of uric acid by absorbing it. The benefits of eating apples in their natural state can be offset by the extra sugar in juice, so you're better off eating them whole. Because they include dietary fiber, leafy green vegetables, oats, whole grains, broccoli, pumpkin, pears, celery, tomatoes, and fruits high in vitamin C are beneficial foods to eat if you have gout. These foods fit into a gout diet because they are low in purines. If you have gout, you should stay away from foods high in purines, as they raise your chance of experiencing a gout episode. Steer clear of shellfish, organ meats like liver and kidneys, and red meat. Restrict your alcohol intake and cut back on sugar-filled sodas.


Cherries are a natural gout remedy because of their antioxidants, which also lower inflammation. They also include vitamin C, which aids in the body's uric acid elimination. They also provide a good amount of fiber. The symptoms of gout can be lessened by consuming ten or more cherries daily. Cherries are abundant in anti-inflammatory anthocyanins and low in calories. They lower blood pressure, guard against heart attacks, and lower the chance of developing cancer. They can aid in the treatment of sleeplessness, lessen headaches, and enhance muscular recuperation. Salicylic acid, a naturally occurring chemical found in cherries, inhibits the production of uric acid crystals. For those who are prone to gout, they also aid in delaying the beginning of the disease. High levels of uric acid cause crystals to accumulate in the joints of gout, an arthritis-like condition that causes pain and swelling. According to a study, consuming cherry juice can lower uric acid levels in as little as 48 hours. Select additive-free, unsweetened cherry juice.

Vinegar made from apples

The body's uric acid levels can be managed with the help of apple cider vinegar. It possesses alkaline qualities that prevent the buildup of uric acid in the blood and act as a natural detoxifier. It can be regularly ingested by combining it with water and drinking it. It is crucial to dilute vinegar because consuming it undiluted might result in chemical burns and erosive tooth rot. Reusable straws can reduce the quantity of acid that comes into contact with teeth and the mouth. Among the many health advantages of ACV is its ability to lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. It is a quick and affordable method to enhance your general well-being. Gout is a type of arthritis that arises from an accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints and is commonly treated with ACV. ACV also helps to avoid flare-ups of gout by promoting renal and urinary tract health. It has a lot of potassium, which is an essential mineral for healthy kidney function.


A lot of berries include nitrates, which aid in the body's uric acid elimination. Celery, beets, spinach, arugula, and dark leafy greens are some excellent vegetables high in nitrates. To maximize the advantages of these vegetables, consider including a nitrate-rich veggie powder such as Beet Boost in your diet. As much as possible, abstain from alcohol, as it can raise the body's uric acid levels. It's also critical to remember that tophi bumps, which are hard lumps under the skin, are more likely to occur in those with higher uric acid levels. Normally, the kidneys break down and filter uric acid out of the body through urine. Nonetheless, a rapid breakdown of purines in the body can result in elevated amounts of uric acid due to a number of medical illnesses, food, and hereditary factors. Drink a lot of water and think about taking an ayurvedic gout medication, such as Giloy or Kaishore Guggul pills, to help decrease uric acid.

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