What is the Chinese meaning of goldfish?

For good fortune, goldfish are widely used in Chinese culture. They are frequently used with koi fish in ornamental ponds. It is thought that the two came from the same ancient carp school. Because the Chinese phrases for gold and abundance are similar to the name of the fish, goldfish are believed to bring wealth and prosperity. They are also thought to guard against misfortune.


The goldfish is a representation of prosperity and fortune. It also represents fidelity and tenacity. The character Jin Yu, which also denotes a round coin, is the Chinese name for goldfish. The fish's rounded form is a representation of prosperity and fortune. Goldfish were so highly valued during the Song dynasty (960–1279) that breeders started raising them specifically for their color and to mimic the imperial fish of the royal family. As a result, there are numerous varieties of goldfish, such as the ingot goldfish, also called the short-finned oranda or Yuan Bao Jin Yu. A goldfish pursuing you in a dream could represent how helpless and exposed you feel, much like the little fish. On the other hand, the dream can serve as a warning that someone is attempting to undermine your achievements.


Koi, another name for goldfish, are strong totem animals. They are linked to wealth and achievement in a variety of spheres of life, including relationships and the workplace. Those who hold them as pets are said to receive good fortune and protection for their wealth. The fish's golden hue also represents prosperity and fortune. They are stunning to watch and are frequently raised in huge tanks or ponds alongside other fish. Their beautiful motions and serene demeanor also represent harmony, balance, and peace. A goldfish in your dream is frequently interpreted as a heavenly intervention that will enable you to overcome obstacles. Circular swimming is thought to portend a gift from the universe for you if you happen to catch one. Another significant icon of Japanese culture is the koi, which is seen as a lucky charm. It is frequently seen in Japanese gardens and is even employed as interior décor for residences and commercial buildings.


Goldfish are seen as a symbol of success and wealth. When added to a home aquarium, they are also thought to improve mental wellness. The reason for this is that they are incredibly calm and gentle fish. They are ideal for those who suffer from sadness or anxiety. Goldfish were originally imported from China and kept in outdoor ponds as ornaments. Goldfish were formally created by selective breeding during the Song period. As a result, there were several color variations and distinctive shapes. The goldfish gained popularity over time and was even put to use as money. The goldfish is a common pet nowadays, often kept as decorations in aquariums or koi ponds. They are also employed in Feng Shui to attract luck, prosperity, and wealth. In order to foster harmony between families and between couples, it is advised to keep at least two goldfish in an aquarium. Adding a single black goldfish to an aquarium is also thought to help ward off bad luck.


In Chinese culture, goldfish are lucky fish and are frequently kept as pets. They represent riches and success, and a lot of people think that having them in a home brings good fortune. Together with paintings and ornaments, goldfish can also be utilized as ornamental pieces in a home. They are also thought to contribute to the well-being of the household by distributing wealth and prosperity year-round. Within Chinese folklore, a well-known figure is the golden goldfish. A tale states that after a girl prevented a goldfish from drowning, the fish bestowed on her a wish for prosperity and plenty. This tale serves as a reminder of the value of charity and kindness. People have elevated the goldfish emblem to entirely new heights in the current era. They have started to utilize the picture as a pattern for accessories and apparel. Furthermore, some people have even included real goldfish in their amusing bags. In Feng Shui, it's also regarded as a good idea to have a goldfish because circular things are believed to facilitate the passage of chi energy.

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